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Pearl Heat 

2/4 Limited Edition Sculpture

Pesk 主要繪畫牆壁,像素化作品,油畫,並自稱為全方位之插畫家。主要注重於透過圖像,個人觸感去跟觀眾溝通,不再只限於審美上,而是包括作品所帶出的信息。
Esteban Loeschbor aka Ban Pesk. 工業設計師及自由工作藝術家,於 1985年出生於科爾多瓦,阿根廷,並於 2001年開始投入街頭塗鴉文化,初期注重於文字繪畫,經發展後開始專注於角色,人像及抽象圖形的風格。

Pesk paint walls, pixels, canvases and presents himself as an all terrain illustrator, who communicates thoughts through images, with a personal touch, not only in the aesthetic way, but also the speech.

Esteban Loeschbor aka Ban Pesk. Industrial Designer and Freelance Artist. Born in Cordoba,
Argentina in 1985. Bring his Art to the streets since 2001, where he start drawing letters, but rapidly incorporated characters, human figure and abstract shapes.