【 Macau Art Toy Fest 2022 澳門藝術玩具展 2022 - Toy Academy 玩具學院】幕後功臣 - 設計篇

853Toy Academy 張貼

曾經來過第一屆的學員應該有留意到,當時活動現場有一間神秘的房間,門口寫著「MR. BROWN 校長室」,
在為第二屆玩具展策劃初期時,團隊一直在構思到底如何將 MR. BROWN 這個角色更具體生動地表現出來,
於是特意邀請了這位來自墨西哥的平面設計師 - 
@inkz_ 去幫我們把他升級轉型,成為玩具學院的 Badass 校長 MR.BROWN 。

這裡再次感謝我們的幕後功臣之一 INKZ,大家以後會記住校長了吧!
INKZ a.k.a Eduardo ,來自墨西哥的平面設計師。擅長於電子插畫,設計理念主要圍繞著 HipHop 文化,並把這項文化巧妙地溶入到他的設計風格中,每次創作都滲透著濃厚的街頭時尚風格,以傳達著他的個人品味。


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Heroes Behind the Scene - Design :
Participants who have been to our very first toy show in 2021 should have noticed that there was a mysterious room at the event site, with "MR Brown Principle Room" written on the door . We were not able to officially introduce the soul of Toy Academy to everyone.
In the initial stage of planning for the second Toy Show, the team has been thinking about how to express the character of MR. BROWN more concretely and vividly, so we specially invited resident artist from Mexico - INKZ to help us upgrade and transform into the badass principal MR.BROWN of the Toy Academy for this year.
After many months of conception, design and modification, we finally presented a different principal for this year. Here, we would like to thank INKZ, one of our behind-the-scenes heroes.
INKZ a.k.a Eduardo, a graphic designer/illustrator from Mexico. Specialised at digital illustrations, the design concept mainly revolves around the HipHop culture, and subtly integrates the culture into his design style. Every creation is permeated with a strong street fashion style to convey his personal taste and styling.


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