【YES CAN-DO 澳門國際玩具塗裝展】 開學禮詳情曝光‼️

【YES CAN-DO 澳門國際玩具塗裝展】 開學禮詳情曝光‼️


對大部份玩具藝術家來說,踏進藝術玩具這個範疇的其中一個入口就是塗鴉 - graffiti,

想知道藝術家可以玩得有多極致?YES CAN-DO 👊🏻 開學禮見!

【YES CAN-DO Macau International Toy Painting Exhibition】
Here are our grand reveal of our new opening ceremony‼️
"Play to the extreme" is our academy motto. Following last year's demonstration of the endless possibility offered through art toys, the first semester of this year will be bringing everyone back to the basics and examine the origin of the toy artist's dream together.💭

For most toy artists, one of the entrances into the field of art toys is graffiti. Whether it is graffiti creation or toy production itself, spray paint is definitely a frequent visitor in the creative process. So let us “play to the extreme” and let us show you how artists from all over the world add their creativity and playfulness to the basic element of spray paint cans, and really bring "the ultimate toy” to the forefront!

Are you wondering how extreme an artist can play? Come check out YES CAN-DO 👊🏻 School Opening Ceremony!